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There's someone at the door with a box full of 2007. Who ordered a New Year without telling me? :)

New Year's Eve. Not that eventful. We had some folks over. We did not watch the sphere descend. Just sort of glanced down at our watches and said, "Oh, by the way, Happy New Year." Then we played Talisman. (And boy does that game hurt if you don't set a time limit...)

We also got to listen to the annual New Year's Try to Guess if It's Guns or Fireworks Contest. You see, basically, if you go to the local police web site and check out the map with the dots showing crime reports in the different areas of Charlotte, our neighborhood is a Jackson Pollack. So it can be difficult to distinguish just how MUCH fun someone is having when you hear the loud POP from outside.

Well, now I shall try to get to sleep with it in the background. What fun! Good thing I'm off tomorrow (okay, well it's TODAY, now, but you get the idea...). :)

Oh yeah... Happy New Year!
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