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Happy Christmahannukwanzayuleadanivus!


I see by the Livejournal clock that it's just past 2 years since I've last posted an entry.

I am still alive.

I would like there to be more hours in the day so that I can post more often. I will try to update my Livejournal more often if I can. Sunday is looking like it may become a writing day so I will try to do it on Sundays.

One of the terrible curses my job (which is still the demonic call center) places on me is the fact that I cannot seem to get anything done after I get home unless I stay up late (like I have tonight) and risk coming in late for work the next day because I have not had enough sleep. Or I could try to get on some kind of schedule and DEAL with it, though at the possible expense of time that is usually spent unwinding, once again putting what scraps of sanity I may possess at risk.

Of course, I could just start drinking instead.

It worked for Hemingway.

Not Hemingway's liver, though. So that probably isn't a good option.

Switching to the Metric Day would be nice. Maybe I can convince the county... ;)

In any case, I am going to start writing more often even if it kills me (I must admit, though, that if it DOESN'T kill me then I shall not be disappointed). For those who wish to witness my latest feat of death-defying strangeness whereby I attempt to get myself to write more by getting other people to shame me into doing it, feel free to check out my writing journal at:


I've just posted my first progress report there. Keep your fingers crossed! :)
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