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Illness and Despair

Well, the week hasn't been all that exciting and I haven't a great deal to report.

I've started playing D&D again, which has been fun so far -- we shall see how/if things develop.

Why do I say "how/if?"

Well, I just found out that we may be facing eviction shortly. My roommate didn't want me to worry about it, so he hadn't been letting me know that he was behind on his half of the rent (the apartment is in his name -- I give him my half at the beginning of each month and he gives it to the apartment complex). To his credit, he has been doing everything he can to keep up with things but he's had a lot of medical problems recently that have kept him from working as much as he'd like. And, knowing him the way I do, I have no doubt that he fully believed he would be able to take care of the problem of lateness whenever it came up. Tonight, though, he told me that after trying to work something out with the people at the front office they've advised him that a decision about it will be made at a higher level this time. I know he has every intention of paying them what's owed even if he's evicted and the people in the local office have worked enough with him on issues in the past to know that as well (since this isn't the first time we've been late due to the usual life happenings and such), but the question is going to be whether or not these mysterious "higher-ups" will realize that. So, we'll probably know one way or the other in about a week or so. Keep your fingers crossed.

This is presently compounded slightly by the fact that I've been sick all weekend and I'm hoping that I'll be well enough to go into work tomorrow. Because if I'm not then I may be running into problems there, as they have a somewhat draconian attendance policy when they choose to pay attention to it -- the question will really just be how much will they choose to pay attention to it on this occasion? I'm sure they already have enough boxes checked on whatever forms they require to fire anyone they choose at any given moment without running the risk of serious legal action, so we'll have to see what happens on that front as well.

Boy, this is gonna be an exciting week. :/
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