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The Immediate Future Will Be Paid For In Monopoly Money

This week was an interesting little romp through the playground of masochism.

According to my roommate, he's smoothed things out with the rental company so we've dodged yet another bullet. Yay!

That said, though, I'll still likely be needing to move for this summer, so I've made a few inquiries. I may have a couple of avenues already opening, which is good, but the devil will, as always, be in the details.

I got paid, which was amusing. The gap between the actual amount of my paycheck and my expenses is simply hilarious. I think it's good that I'm laughing about it because if I weren't then I'd probably be crying. I'll be paying my part of the rent, but I'm sure my auto and student loan people will be decidedly unsympathetic until my workplace provides me with its next little burst of hilarity in a couple of weeks.

All that said, I now have to figure out whether or not I'm going to a convention in late February called SERE, which is down in Atlanta (about 4 hours away and spanning about 4 days). The problem is, of course, that I have to go ahead and request the days off for it (which they may or may not allow) ahead of time when I won't be sure if it's even feasible for me to go financially -- on the one hand, I still have to catch up with everything, but on the other if I'm actually able to start reaping the benefit of having sold out my principles at work in exchange for a somewhat less funny paycheck then it may not be a problem.

And of course, it's tax season. Can't forget that lovely wild card. We'll have to see where the chips fall this year on that one.

The good news is, though, that I got to play the Amber Diceless RPG today, which is, in many ways, a form of crack for me and some of my friends. It's really cool to get a chance to play it for a change instead of GMing it, I have to say. I'm having a really good time with it. Most of the time I like to describe the experience of playing Amber as freebasing on pure essence of role-playing wrapped in bacon. It's that good. :)

Now I must finish cooking dinner, doing laundry and perform other mundane tasks in time to get to bed and probably not get enough sleep to be functional at work tomorrow. Ah, the joys of modern life! ;)
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