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The Career Progresses While the Job Hunt Does Not

It's a funny thing, really.

I only seem to have a career going when I don't have a job.

So, while the unemployment office hasn't gotten back to me yet and there haven't yet been any bites from potential employers, I find that I'm about to have my audio work broadcast globally and my written work published regionally.

And while there's no money involved in either case, it's still incredibly good news.

I'll be putting together several brief episodes of an audio series I'm calling "The Great Debate" (in which I basically have arguments with myself) and which will be part of the lineup of War Pig Radio, a new 24-hour internet radio station for gaming/sci-fi/fantasy/comic geeks like myself. I have no idea when my show will be appearing in their feed, but the fact that it will be there is incredibly cool.

It also looks like two of my monologues are going to be published in a regional poetry magazine put out by a local publishing company. They host open mic nights and I ended up going to one and performing there this past weekend. The guy who runs it snatched up two of the pieces I read as soon as I'd performed them and informed me that he wanted to publish them in his magazine. It'll probably be out in about 9 months or so, and I'll post more info as that develops.

So, let's just say that while the whole earning-a-living thing is still something I still need to find a solution for very soon, I'm pretty ecstatic about everything else. :)
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