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The Hunt Goes On

So, the unemployment office finally contacted me and we did our interview. They've now told me it may be another 3-4 weeks before they have a decision just because of the sheer number of people applying for unemployment right now (big surprise), but to go ahead and continue filing weekly certifications until then. In the mean time, I'm still sending out resumes to answer postings on multiple job sites in the hope of turning something up.

As part of receiving unemployment (which hopefully will be approved) I also have to have at least two in-person meetings with prospective employers per week. At this point I have not been applying full-on to customer service positions -- I know some folks will think it is suicidal to discount anything right now, but at present I still have to resist the impulse to stab myself in the eye every time I send my resume in for a customer service job. Honestly, I need to get a job that I can live with. If I end up doing something I hate again I am seriously worried that it'll lead to some pretty severe psychological damage, which is not something I'm just going to try to sweep under the rug like a good little drone. The last thing I need is to end up on a rooftop with an AK-47, shouting down to the police in iambic pentameter.

So, what I've been doing so far to fulfill the face-to-face meeting requirement is to go to places where I actually WANT to be employed. At the moment that means theatres, TV stations, radio stations and newspapers. I've been to two theatres so far and while, not surprisingly, they're not hiring for any paid positions, they were both insistent on wanting me to keep in touch, so at the very least I am starting to make those connections that I need to make in order to eventually get somewhere that I would like to be.

I can live with that. :)
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