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Circle the Wagons!

My goodness, it's been harrowing of late.

The good news: My unemployment came through so I'm at least getting the equivalent of minimum wage for the time being. Yay!

The bad news: It turns out they'll be evicting us after all.

So, I'm busy running around and trying to get rid of a bunch of my stuff so that it'll be easier when I move some time within the next couple of weeks. I've already taken my comics in to sell and am presently getting my books together -- and there are a LOT of books. In fact, I think most of what's left will end up being books and elderly computer equipment. The books I'm not too worried about since I'll probably toss them to friends and/or libraries. The computer stuff is going to be more difficult, since that includes games I grew up on that will be VERY difficult to say goodbye to -- yes, even though it may not be possible, realistically speaking, to play most of them any more or to take the time needed to get the old computer equipment working again for the same purpose. Anyone who suffers from nostalgia of any kind will hopefully understand where I'm coming from -- and if you don't then I pity the large, gaping hole in your life experience that I am now tasked with the sad duty of pointing out to you. ;)

Where am I moving? No idea yet. I'm still making inquiries. I've had a couple of possible leads on some jobs and begun to make a couple of connections with the local publishing industry, so I'm hoping I can stay in Charlotte, but there's always the possibility that I may end up having to jump to a different city. We shall have to see what my life's current chaos storm brings.

Let the tempest commence.
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