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Meanwhile, Back at the Bat Cave...

Well, the last couple of weeks have been interesting, to say the least.

I'm now renting a room in a dorm-style apartment across the street from UNCC, which of course means I'm still in Charlotte. Thankfully, I managed to get all of my stuff out of Mark's place before the hounds descended on us, but a good deal of it is now in storage and I'll have to work out what I'll be doing with it since it likely won't all fit in the new place unless I somehow manage to get far better at Tetris over the next few weeks. While the closet I have IS a walk-in closet, it's not quite as big as the one I had before so there's likely to be a lot of cramming of stuff together going on soon.

My new roommate seems like a nice fellow and I think I should be able to get along with him pretty well. Which is good, because the way these rentals work, you have no control over who else is going to occupy the apartment. The apartment actually has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and we're the only two guys here right now, though that may easily change in the near future -- particularly since one or two of my friends are potentially interested in moving in, as well. We'll have to see how that goes.

The Great Debate is still going well, and I think I'm going to want to start an actual podcast of some kind soon if I can get everything together up to and including a web site. More as that develops.

There's now also a chance that I may have some of my sketch comedy performed on stage soon! I submitted some material to a friend's local comedy troupe and they apparently liked it enough that they've invited me to a writer's meeting later this month and asked me to bring more material to it. I'm really looking forward to it.

So, all in all, except for the whole tsunami-of-debt-and-joblessness issue, things are going pretty well! ;)
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